About the LapSnap™

The LapSnap is a versatile, adaptive basket for individuals who use wheelchairs.  Whether grocery shopping, doing laundry, or gardening, the LapSnap is your reliable, sturdy helper.  Design decisions for the LapSnap were driven by stakeholders who use wheelchairs, ensuring that the LapSnap prioritizes your comfort and independence. 

Features and Usage

Collapsible Frame

Prepare the LapSnap for use quickly by locking the sides of the frame into place

Our versatile strap lets you secure the LapSnap in a variety of comfortable ways: behind your back, under your legs, or through the arms of your chair.

Versatile Strap Attachment



Secure your phone, wallet, keys, and other small personal items while shopping.  The convenient inner pocket placement allows for easy access during checkout.

Padded Base

With a custom foam base, the LapSnap allows you to carry your belongings with comfort - no more painful indentations on your legs from grocery store baskets.


Use Your LapSnap Anywhere! 


Household Chores


Work and School


... and much more!