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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can use The LapSnap®?

    • The LapSnap has been created for wheelchair users who have the upper body mobility to lift The LapSnap on and off their lap. Empty, the product weighs <3lbs. 

  • Does The LapSnap come in other colors?

    • Because of manufacturing minimums, we are not able to offer different color varieties of The LapSnap.  If the kickstarter is successful, though, we intend to offer other versions in the future.

  • How do you clean The LapSnap?

    • The LapSnap is made of waterproof fabric.  So, to clean The LapSnap, just wipe it down with a sanitizing wipe.

  • How big is the product?

    • When open, The LapSnap is 16 ” wide x 12 ½” long x 7 ½” deep .  When collapsed, The LapSnap is  16 ” wide x 12 ½” long x 3” deep. The LapSnap was intentionally designed to fit comfortably between the arms of a standard wheelchair. However, we know that wheelchairs come in a huge variety of sizes, so we intend to create a range of sizes of The LapSnap in the future.

  • How much can The LapSnap carry?

    • The LapSnap comfortably holds about 55 pounds of groceries.  To keep The LapSnap in the best shape, avoid carrying sharp objects that may puncture the product.

  • What can I use The LapSnap for?

    • Anything you do where you have to carry items. We’ve heard and tested lots of great ideas: gardening, household chores, apple picking, cooking, and more! Let us know how you are using your LapSnap.  Email a picture to us at or tag us on Instagram.

  • Do you make any other products?

    • The LapSnap is our first product.  After we launch the LapSnap, our team will begin working on other projects. As always, you are our inspiration.  If you have an idea for a new accessible product, email us at  Together, we can work to turn your idea into reality!

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