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LULM Adaptations

Limited Upper Limb Mobility

includesign understands that there is tremendous diversity within disability, and some users of The LapSnap® may need one or more adaptations to accommodate Limited Upper Limb Mobility. We are happy to set up a consultation to see what adaptations may work best for you. Here are some ideas that have worked well for other users:

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Fabric loops added to the cover of The LapSnap

Loops added to the privacy cover to make opening and closing easier

A magnetic clasp instead of our regular buckles

Two fingers hold out a loop adaptation that is attached to the collapsible metal frame
Sketches of altered LapSnaps

One or more loops on the inner metal frame to make it easier to collapse and store

Adjusted pocket heights and a supplemental strap can be added

These are just some of the LULM adaptations we have made and tested with our users. It's important to find out what will work best for you, which all starts with our individual consultation. Let's discuss your unique needs today!

Contact us for a consultation!

Karli, a wheelchair user with limited upper limb mobility, is in the store using her adapted LapSnap. She is giving the thumbs up sign.
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