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a guide to
Your LapSnap

How to Use The LapSnap


Snap the sides of the frame into place.

Assembling the LapSnap by snapping the wire frame into place

Secure The LapSnap using the buckle fastener.

  • Behind your back

  • Through the arms of your wheelchair

  • Under your legs

Securing the LapSnap around your waist with the adjustable strap

When you've completed your tasks, pull the sides of the frame out from the base.

Wrap the strap around The LapSnap to hold it closed when not in use.

Folding the LapSnap and wrapping it with the strap.

How to Clean The LapSnap

The LapSnap is made of waterproof fabric and can be cleaner easily with a sanitizing wipe or a damp cloth.

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