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The LapSnap®

A versatile, adaptive carryall designed with and for wheelchair users

LapSnap with Items in Pocket.png
Raw 1
Blue LapSnap collapsed flat and secured with strap

Collapsible Frame

Fold The LapSnap up easily for storage and transportation

Expanded LapSnap with an adjustable strap and buckle for comfortable security

Versatile Strap Attachment

Attach The LapSnap to yourself in a variety of comfortable ways

The LapSnap has convenient front pockets to safely store small items and keep them in easy reach


Keep your most important items secure

Padded Base

Carry your belongings with comfort

Blue LapSnap with teal straps features a comfortable padded foam base
LapSnap with Cover_edited.png

Waterproof Fabric Cover

Keep your things safe and dry

Raw 2
Raw 3
Raw 4
A young female wheelchair user with dark hair and light skin transfers food items from the fridge to the LapSnap on her lap.

Some words from our users....

"Convenient... Helpful, Freeing"

"Everyday tasks that seemed stressful before, are so much easier now when things aren’t falling off my lap!"

"[My favorite aspect of the LapSnap is] how independent it makes me"

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