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About Us

A note from our founder

The LapSnap® started as a school project to help a beloved teacher. I took a course on the history of disability justice my junior year at Brown University, and the following year I was the TA for the class while taking my senior engineering capstone course with Hannah and Chloe, my original cofounders who invented The LapSnap with me. I worked with Sarah, my professor, throughout the product development process to ensure the design was the best it could be. Upon completing our first prototype, (which was my first time using a sewing machine!), we got lots of positive feedback from Sarah and other wheelchair users in our lives. Seeing how much easier even our basic prototypes made their shopping experience and how excited they were about the product made us realize we couldn’t stop just because the semester was ending: the LapSnap needed to exist. That’s when we transitioned from just a school project to an actual business: includesign. The LapSnap is the first of many products we hope to create collaboratively with the disability community, so stay tuned and join us in our journey to make the world more accessible for everyone.



Mission and Values of the Company

Mission: Empowering individuals with disabilities around the world.


Vision: We envision a world where individuals of all abilities are considered and consulted when new products of all kinds are designed. People with disabilities should not be an afterthought in the design process, they should be the first people we speak to, because when we make the world more accessible, everyone wins.

Meet The Team

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