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Accessible Windows 11

On July 1st, 2021, Windows announced a new model that will be more accessible for people with disabilities. Windows called this model it’s “most inclusively designed version” yet, as it includes features and branding options that have been created for and by people with disabilities.

The improved version, Windows 11, is intended to feel familiar and is easier to use and more intuitive. It includes many assistive technologies such as Narrator (a screen reader), Magnifier (a magnification program), Closed Captions and Windows speech (a speech command program), and other partner technologies.

People who are blind will hear different sounds for more accessible Light and Dark Themes. Those with light sensitivity and people working for extended periods of time will find reimagined High Contrast Themes with customizable color combinations that make apps and content easier to see. The deaf and hard of hearing, language learners, and people in noisy or in quiet environments will see redesigned Closed Caption themes that are easier to read and customize.

People with severe arthritis, repetitive stress injuries, cerebral palsy, and other mobility related disabilities as well as those with learning differences, who are language learners, and who prefer to write with their voice can now benefit fromWindows Voice Typing, which uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to recognize speech, transcribe, and automatically punctuate text.

Users are encouraged to try this new software and provide feedback to enable Windows to design future versions that are even more attuned to people’s needs. For customers needing assistance, a Disability Answer Desk is ready to help via phone or chat.

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