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Airport Assistance for Individuals with Hidden Disabilities

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

The T.F. Green International Airport is working towards a new program, introduced by the Rhode Island Airport Corporation as the “Sunflower Program,” that aims to help select passengers feel more at ease while in the airport.

The program is voluntary and allows any individual to request a free lanyard, pin, or bracelet that will discreetly alert airport personnel that the individual has a hidden disability and might need some extra assistance.

The aim of this program is to provide assistance to those individuals that may need extra time in any step of the airport procedures. Also, the program allows access to this assistance without requiring the individuals to announce or explain their disability if they don’t want to. The individuals can discreetly sign up for the program by calling the customer service department (401-691-2000) or going to their website and applying for a lanyard, pin, or wristband without needing to provide any proof or documentation of their disability.

To participate, passengers should apply at least a week in advance before their travel. The T.F. Green International Airport has initiated airport-wide education programs to inform staff of the program details.

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