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Disney's Inclusive Costumes

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

7 members of the Rollettes are posed in front of the Castle with Disney wheelchair covers on their wheelchairs

Disney has announced it is offering eight new adaptive costumes and five wheelchair covers that fit standard 24-inch wheels, right on time for Halloween, for kids with disabilities. It joins Target, which has been selling costumes with accessible features like open backs and hidden openings for abdominal access for a few years now. The new Disney costumes will finally allow children to dress as some of their favorite Disney characters from famous Disney films such as “Aladdin,” “Toy Story,” “Frozen,” “Black Panther,” and more.

Disney’s adaptive costume line was first launched in 2020, and its success prompted the creation of more costumes. The initial costumes were very well received by both adults and children. Disney hopes that making more adaptive costumes will allow more children to be part of their favorite stories. The stretch fabric used in these costumes allows for a much faster and easier process of putting on and taking off the costume. These costume designs also feature longer inseams for wheelchair users and flap openings for tube access while wearing the costume.

Giving disabled children the chance to get dressed as characters that have accompanied them throughout their childhood is a very important step in normalizing disability for children. Not only will disabled children who wear these costumes feel more included, which is often not the case when they watch many Disney films with able-bodied protagonists, but seeing famous Disney characters on wheelchairs will also hopefully help destigmatize disability for young able-bodied audiences.

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