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Finally: An Inclusive Deodorant

Updated: May 27, 2021

Degree Deodorant’s newest product, Degree Inclusive, is presented as the world's first deodorant for people with visual impairments and upper limb motor disabilities. It is a breakthrough in the personal care category.

The Problem with Regular Deodorants

Designer Christina Mallon, who identifies as a person with a disability herself, outlines how grooming acts such as applying deodorant that might seem trivial for most individuals can be a huge barrier for people with disabilities. Applying a regular deodorant requires two hands with grip and force, which “currently three million Americans do not have." Moreover, some users with visual impairment might have trouble easily identifying the deodorant if the container does not include braille descriptions. Her design will allow users to engage with society more confidently.

Designing for and with People with Disabilities

Because people who do not have a disability may not experience problems using a standard deodorant bottle, the Muscular Dystrophy Association and others with different abilities tested the prototype to develop this more inclusive redesign.

The Design

Mallon’s creative input led to enhanced grip placement, making the product suitable for one-handed use, a braille label, a larger roller for easier application, and magnetic closures that make a distinctive sound when the cap is placed correctly to close the bottle. These features and the container’s unique shape (a hooked bottle), make the product much more inclusive and more intuitive to use for people with various abilities.

Degree Inclusive is still in trial phases, and the company is confident that it will be commercially available in the US soon at the same price as their previous products.

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