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Hearing Aids Now Sold Over the Counter

Starting August of this year, hearing aids can be sold over the counter to adults without a prescription as decided by the Food and Drug Administration—relieving many customers who have been frustrated by expensive exams that they were required to do before this announcement.

Although it is known that untreated hearing loss can have negative effects especially for older people, Americans have been avoiding buying devices to aid their hearing loss because of their high cost, which is not covered by insurance. However, the F.D.A.'s new rule will finally allow individuals with mild and moderate hearing loss to buy hearing aids without prescriptions as soon as October.

Hopefully, more Americans that experience hearing loss will decide to buy hearing aids, upending the market and making more innovative, less expensive devices in the future. There is hope from health professionals that this change will encourage adults to seek out help for their hearing loss sooner than later and that it will bring awareness to how important one’s hearing is.

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