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Stickers That Make Microsoft Products More Accessible

When designers of computers and other forms of technology assume the user is able-bodied, products are especially tricky for some individuals with disabilities to utilize. To address this, Microsoft has designed Surface Adaptive Kit, co-created with members of the disability community.

The Kit

The kit consists of intentionally designed elements. For instance, it features stickers that can be attached to the exterior of a laptop to help make opening the screen easier. In addition, Microsoft included “keycap labels” with textured surfaces to help identify buttons. To make matching a cord to the correct computer port simpler, Microsoft is offering sets of labels with tactile patterns and different colors. There are two labels (of different sizes) of each pattern. One can be attached to the cord itself and the other is placed on the laptop’s surface to identify the correct port. Even the packaging of the kit is designed in a way that makes opening it simple and easily accessible for all purchasers.

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