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Tommy Hilfiger’s Adaptive Clothing Line

Aiming to combine fashion and function, Tommy Hifiger created a new line of adaptive clothing. Tommy Hilfiger explains that he finds it essential to design adaptive wear that “looks good.” Other adaptive wear creators prioritize function instead of personalization, style, and comfort.

To achieve this balance between a fashionable and functionable clothing line, the Tommy Hilfiger brand conducted careful studies to understand what audiences would need in terms of function. They consulted people with disabilities who provided feedback on what works for them and what adaptations were easier for and accessible to them. After they had that figured out, the designers shifted their focus to making the clothing line stylish. They decided to utilize the same designs as their mainstream collection but added innovative adaptive modifications. The line includes Velcro, magnets, and hook and loop closures that make clothing more accessible and comfortable for people with disabilities.

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