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Trader Joe's Creates Its Own MagnusCards to Make Grocery Shopping More Accessible

Grocery chain Trader Joe’s has partnered with MagnusCards through Magnusmode, an app for people with cognitive and intellectual disabilities, in order to make the shopping experience more accessible and inclusive.

The App

MagnusCards by Magnusmode began as handwritten guides to support founder Nadia Hamilton’s brother Troy, who has autism. With steps to follow, Troy was able to complete everyday tasks independently and experienced less anxiety while engaging in overwhelming activities. To make her guides widely available, Hamilton turned MagnusCards into a digital app that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Trader Joe’s Related Card Deck

One activity that the MagnusCards help make less challenging is grocery shopping, which is where Trader Joe’s comes in. In April, Trader Joe’s launched five Card Decks, which use “proven methods of instruction, visual cues, and step-by-step instructions” to improve the Trader Joe’s shopping experience.

The retailer announces the collaboration with MagnusCards as a “tremendous opportunity” to support their customers as well as their caregivers and expresses the importance of creating an inclusive and positive environment throughout the shopping experience.

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